Utah UAS Companies

  • Clear-Com offers an unmatched portfolio of professional intercom systems for command and control, net-centric communications, training and simulation, and test and evaluation and test range applications across the globe. Clear-Com COTS solutions facilitate simple to complex, real-time communication setups for tens of thousands of operators on a single system who need to continuously talk and/or listen, hands-free.
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    Gayl Tibbs

  • 111 West Drones “Utah’s First Choice for Drone Services”

    111 West Drones works with small and large businesses, private organizations, realtors, land developers, energy professionals, construction companies and more.

    With over 20 years of experience in GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, and Cartography We provide aerial imaging for land development, heavy construction, real estate, agriculture, oil, gas, electric, solar, wind, etc.

    We specialize in creating "Orthorectified" imagery from photos we capture at various speeds, altitudes, and directions. The result is a universal scaled-map or image which follows given map projections. An Orthophoto can be used to measure true distances because it is an accurate representation of the Earth’s surface.

    Additionally, our creative group post-processes and edits all our RAW photos and generates stunning images that can be used for commercial purposes.

    Our goal is to provide exceptional customer experiences while keeping our rates affordable, yet competitive with the market. Don't forget to visit, where Utah goes for all their drone service’s needs. We also have a drone network called the UNITED DRONE NETWORK which is geared to help other drone pilots and entrepreneurs around the world.

    -Aerial Photography
    -Aerial Videography
    -Orthophoto Services
    -3D Modeling
    -Land Development and Construction
    -Matterport Virtual Tours
    -Professional Custom Websites and Landing Pages
    -GIS Services and GIS Web Map Services
    -Asset Management (Pavement Conditions, Fire Hydrants, Signs, Bridges etc)
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    Owner: Mr. Joshua Appleman
    President: Mrs. Rachelle Cohen Appleman

    (330) 245-6911 |
    Emergency Contact Number: 330-701-0670

  • Airspace Link, Inc

    Airspace Link is a "last mile" platform and solution provider focusing on providing products and tools to state & local government, UAV friendly business and everyday consumers/citizens. We maintain a national registry of drone opt-in/out locations that, combined with local government tools, provide a basis for local airspace regulation. In turn, these data inputs are used to create real-time flight and corridor models that UAV businesses can use to ensure they're meeting federal AND state flight regulations for any commercial activity.
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    Daniel Bradshaw

  • Allconnect

    Our page allows readers to compare providers, get answers to commonly asked questions and even display top providers by category. It also allows for readers to compare security systems in their area via a chart that shares the different packages, features, and rates.
  • Alvey Media

    Broadcasting & Media Production Company in Ogden, Utah
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    2447 Kiesel Ave
    Ogden, UT 84401


  • Blacksmith Manufacturing and Design

    With over 20 years designing, developing and manufacturing carbon fiber products, Blacksmith Manufacturing and design can solve any of your development needs. We have the ability to design products, develop processes, machine molds and components and fabricate or manufacture any carbon structure or part needed.
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    Scott Nielson

  • DARTdrones - Nationwide Drone Training and Consulting

    DARTdrones is the nation's leader in drone training and consulting. Our 40 instructors across the country all have manned aviation backgrounds and bring unique expertise in inspections, public safety, broadcast media, and mapping and modeling. DARTdrones offers dozens of different courses both online and in-person as well as many consulting and program development services. Our team of experts has trained Fortune 500 companies from oil and gas to public works, government agencies, over 100 public safety departments, and 9,000+ individuals.
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  • Earth Mappers

    Earth Mappers contracts commercially with private and public companies to capture high-resolution aerial imagery and data sets. We combine our images and video with ground-based GNSS/GPS receivers to create highly precise maps used for commercial inspections. We work with certified GIS specialists, and photogrammetry software experts. Collecting high quality, aerial imaging data sets and processing them into accurate aerial maps.

    We are the current aerial contractor for Facebook's data center construction site in Eagle Mountian, Utah.
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    Jeff Farr
    Founder/Head Pilot

  • ElectraFly

    ElectraFly is taking a unique approach to its drone design that is working to combine the best flight characteristics of both fixed-wing and multirotor craft. The company already has some 20 patent applications for technology it innovated and is hoping to be entering full-fledged test flight mode early next year. Manning said the industry is still very much in its infancy and praised the UAS effort for its forward-thinking stance.
  • Energy Power Systems

    Experienced with features, advantages, welding, and packaging of all lithium-ion chemistries and form factors, EPS comes from a legacy of building aviation, military, and commercial standard power. Safe, reliable and certifiable, EPS lithium battery solutions disrupts the way we look at powering the commercial and military-grade projects of the future.EP Systems relocated to Logan specifically to take advantage of the Industry Partnership Program, as well as other state programs and opportunities such as working with scientists and engineers at USU.
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    Nathan Millcam
    EP Systems
    2500 N 900 W
    Logan, Utah 84321

  • Fortem Technologies

    Fortem Technologies is an innovative leader in AI-enabled airspace security and safety. The company provides real-time intrusion detection and detect-and-avoid solutions. Fortem delivers a military-tested, commercially available solution that alerts, identifies and classifies drones and other unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs).
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  • Hot Shots Arrial Phography

    Hot Shots Aerial Photography provides professional aerial service using advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology
    Our photography and videography services provide value for individual, corporate and government clients. We provide aerial imaging for the construction and real estate industries, farmers and growers, the insurance industry, and energy and power generation, just to name a few.Derrick has demonstrated a commitment to professional development by teaching a UAS course titled Unmanned Aircraft Systems -Use in Emergency Response Hybrid-New. He was instrumental in helping to develop the first course ever for FDIC Fire Department International Conference.
    Derrick Ward is currently a lead remote pilot with the Los Angeles City Fire Department's Unmanned Aerial System UAS program and was instrumental in developing and providing the curriculum for the UAS training. He also helped to get program approval, leading to the gathering of the department's FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA). He is currently working on the integrating that LAFD UAS Program with the departments Air Operations unit through developing an Aviation Training and Operations Standardization (ATOPS) a program that will safely incorporate crewed flight operations with force-multiplying capabilities of Unmanned Aircraft. Additionally, he has developed and is coordinating the Department's first UAS Operator's Ground School. This will train firefighters to master the basic UAS skill sets necessary for safe unmanned flight during emergency operations.
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    Derrick Ward
    Hot Shots Arrial Phography
    (805) 844-2907

  • In Blue Productions

    In Blue Productions is one of Utah's premier aerial video providers. We create relevant content and have over 7 years of experience with aerial cinematography. We have worked with the Utah Department of Transportation to provided video and surveying of our critical infrastructure for many years.

    FAA Part 107 Licensed UAS Operator
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  • Loveland Innovations

    Loveland Innovations is a team of makers, mavericks, and a few maniacs building leaner, meaner ways to gather and use roof and property information. No corporate nonsense, just get-it-done attitude. Their solutions combine data analytics, A.I., and drone flight to arm customers with high quality data, more speed, and better decision-making power.
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    2015 W. Grove Parkway Suite E
    Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

    385 498 0800

  • Rio Tinto Mines

    At Rio Tinto Kennecott, we mine essential elements that make modern living possible. Our products are used in cell phones, computers, CAT scans and hybrid electric cars. Nearly everything used today relies on materials we produce.

    Our mine has been a fixture in the Salt Lake Valley for more than 115 years. You may be surprised to know that we are the largest private economic driver in Utah. No other private sector operation has generated more production, exports, income and employment than Kennecott. As such, we take our responsibility to be a strong community partner seriously, through strategic partnerships, foundation contributions and charitable giving.

    We also believe in being stewards of the land. Wherever possible, we prevent, or otherwise minimize, mitigate or remediate any potentially harmful effects of our operations on the environment. This practice creates and sustains our business value and reputation. We set self-imposed environmental targets to drive continual improvement. Through our commitment and actions, we strive to be a leader in environmental performance by demonstrating good management of natural resources, responsibly reducing our environmental footprint and exceeding community expectations for sustainable development.
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    (801) 204-2000

  • ROAV Copters

    ROAV (remotely operated aerial vehicle) Copters sponsors the ROAV Quadcopter Challenge (RQC). The RQC is an integrated STEM activity that blends the challenge of an engineering design problem with the excitement of a sporting event. The RQC engages students to design, build, program, and fly ROAV quadcopters to compete individually and in alliances in a variety of challenges.
    To challenge students in an exciting and dynamic STEM environment that develops both hard and soft skills currently in demand in today’s ever-changing world.

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    Gary Stewardson, PhD
    (435) 797-1802

  • Rocky Mountain UAS (RMUS)

    We provide thermal package solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). This includes industrial, commercial, government, city, and educational entities.
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    (801) 316-3250

  • Security 101

    Security 101® is nationally-recognized as a leader in the security industry and viewed as one of the fastest growing commercial integrators in the US. From system design, engineering, and installation — to servicing electronic security systems, Security 101 offers a full range of services to our clients. Our business systems, specialized business operations software, and extensive training allow us to deliver the highest quality security systems and positive customer experiences, including UAS.
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    Ron Cluff, Sales
    986 West Atherton Drive, Suite 140
    Taylorsville, UT 84123

  • Sundance Media Group

    Based in Las Vegas, Nevada and West Jordan, Utah, Sundance Media Group (SMG), have been producing training for trade events, public safety organizations, and private individuals for over 20 years. Instructors from SMG have taught, presented workshops and have participated in panels worldwide. Over the years, SMG’s area of focus has been audio, video and software applications for production and post-production. Douglas Spotted Eagle, the original founder of SMG, has long history of aviation, from the adrenaline-filled world of fast-action videography in skydiving to commercial application of drone/UAV use. SMG’s latest evolution and vision is to incorporate its years of experience for best-practices training into the world of UAV use.

    SMG serves as a consultant within the UAV industry, offering training and speaking engagements on UAV topics: UAV cinematography, commercial and infrastructural UAV applications, UAV risk management, night UAV flight, aerial security systems, and 107 training to ensure pilots clearly understand the FAA laws. With an intimate knowledge of the FAA FARs and FSIM, our collective experience with instructors and UAV pilots nationwide is our foundation for creating a best-practices for everything drone/UAV/UAS.
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    (801) 231-4911

  • Teal Drones

    George Matus was inspired by the sky outside his family home in Salt Lake City, Utah. This passion inspired him to explore the world of remote controlled flight. While still in middle school, he began working as a test pilot learning about the industry. He started building prototype helicopters and drones which led him to create a wish list of drone capabilities not yet available. George’s forward thinking and tenacity to build a powerful, enjoyable drone that anyone could fly caught the attention of The Thiel Fellowship and Teal was born. The Teal One™ realizes these capabilities and still delivers on his primary vision.
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    716 E 4500 S Ste S160
    Murray, UT 84107

    (801) 649-8351

  • TVS Pro

    TVS Pro, a division of TV Specialists, Inc. is primarily a sales, service, rental and imaging solutions company. We specialize in automation and control solutions for class or conference rooms, professional cameras and video production equipment - including aerial photography and drones, custom home theater systems & automation, equipment rentals, security systems, and service and system integration and installation. Locally owned and operated with over 65 years of experience! We pride ourselves with our friendly and knowledgeable sales consultants who continuously stay up to date with the latest technologies. We currently provide three ‘Best Value Cooperative Contracts’ for the state of Utah.
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    James Bollinger

  • Utah State University/AggieAir

    AggieAir focuses on the development and deployment of new technologies for use in remote sensing research and resource management applications
  • Yellow Scan

    YellowScan LiDAR products are fully-integrated systems designed for commercial UAV applications. Our LiDAR solutions include the laser scanner, IMU, GPS, embedded computer and batteries. The processing software provided enables the generation of a georeferenced point cloud in the projection of your choice. Output format is .LAS (LiDAR industry standard) or .TXT.
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    150 State St #100
    Salt Lake City, UT 84111

    (801) 876-1007

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