Guest Lecture: Leviathan Security Group: Threat Assessments and Models

Leviathan Security Group provided a guest lecture at the Deseret UAS Xperience Center. Dr. Crispin Cowan, Security engineer from Leviathan Security Group, Inc. will be delivered an interactive lecture with a focus on the approach/methodology for developing Threat Assessments/Threat Models.  A Threat Assessment systematically inspects the components and relationships that comprise your system, and reveals which components are most at risk of attack.





Leviathan uses Threat Assessment to improve the effectiveness of our penetration testing, both ensuring that we don’t waste time testing components that are not actually at risk, and that we actually inspect all of your exposed attack surfaces. Your team can use one of our Threat Assessments to prioritize where you put your security efforts; it is much more cost effective to invest in hardening your at-risk attack surfaces, than to waste time hardening everything. You can also perform your own in-house Threat Assessments, with the caveat that a Threat Assessment should be performed by people other than the team that developed the system, to ensure that they have the outsider’s perspective to see the issues that the development team did not.