Utah UAS Flight Test Ranges

Deseret UAS flight test range at Northrop Grumman (former ATK Orbital) site in Box Elder includes:
  • 4500 foot paved runway with 1400 feet of new pavement
  • Mission planning trailer with workstations and team briefing/breakout room
  • Hangar for UAS aircraft under construction

Currently developing additional test sites in Tooele County and Ogden City.

Flight Test Team

AggieAir, Utah State University

  • Mac McKee, UWRL
  • Cal Coopmans, Director of AggieAir
  • Daniel Robertson, Chief Pilot

Deseret UAS

  • Tulinda Larsen, Executive Director
  • Marshall Wright, Director of Government and Industry Relations
  • Mitch Zundel, Business Development Box Elder County
  • Terrence Bride, Economic Development Ogden City

Alvey Media

  • Chris Alvey, President