Industry Partners

ANRA Technologies

ANRA Technologies is working with Deseret UAS to provide UAS Service Supplier softwarewhen UAS flight tests are operating at a Deseret UAS Flight Test Range. DroneOSS™ operational platform which is fully functional and compliant with FAA and other applicable regulations for UASflight management and their mobile applications. ANRA’s software provides operators and analysts access to the Command and Control for one or multiple UAS operations at any given time. This includes flight planning, airspace management, data analytics, compliance, drone management, resource management, maintenance information and much more.

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Metron Aviation, An Airbus Company

Airbus companies, Metron Aviation and Aliscope, are developing industry leading Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems, with proposed UTM systems testing at Deseret UAS. Metron provides UTM operational experts, the brightest minds in math and science, and cutting-edge technology to create decision support for Deseret UAS.

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NEXA Capital Partners

NEXA Capital Partners is an investment bank specializing in aerospace and UAS funding. NEXA Capital Partners serves as Deseret UAS’ project finance advisors to assist companies developing products and services that will need to be flight tested at a Deseret UAS Flight Test Range. NEXA Capital has been providing advisory services and capital investment to the UAS industry since 2009.

Visit partner website provides advisory services to Utah companies seeing private equity funding. Deseret UAS has partnered with to work with Utah companies developing products and services in the UAS industry.

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Association for Unmanned Aerial Systems International (AUVSI)

Deseret UAS is an Associate member of AUVSI, the international association for UAS industry. AUVSI provides opportunities for Deseret UAS to participate in the international UAS flight testing and research community.

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Academic Partners

Utah State University/AggieAir

Deseret UAS has contracted with the Utah State University’s AggieAir program to provide operational support for planning UAS flight tests and for management of flight tests on the Deseret UAS Flight Test Ranges. AggieAir has been operating UAS in research for more than a decade and has authority from the Federal Aviation Administration for UAS Flight Testing throughout the State of Utah.

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University of Utah

University of Utah is taking the lead in in fostering low altitude weather research. The project team includes Utah State University, National Center for Atmospheric Research, and Metron Aviation. Weather sensor data gathering and flight operations will be conducted at a Deseret UAS Flight Test Range.

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George Mason University

Deseret UAS and ANRA Technologies are sponsoring a capstone project for the System Engineering program at George Mason University. The project is to use Tooele county as a case study for development of a Unmanned/Urban Air Mobility system. Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is getting a lot of attention these days and people are beginning to realize that "Jetsons" will become a reality sometime in the foreseeable future. UAM can be a safe and efficient system for air passenger and cargo transportation within an urban area, inclusive of small package delivery and other urban Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) services.

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Government Partners

Tooele County

Deseret UAS is located in Tooele County and was created to stimulate economic development throughout the county.

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Box Elder County

Deseret UAS has a UAS Flight Test Range in Box Elder County, which has been developed through Utah State grands and county funding at the Northrop Grumman (Former ATK Orbital) UAS Flight Test Range. The facility offers a 4,500 ft paved runway and an Operations Flight Test Monitoring trailer.

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Ogden City

Ogden City’s composites industry is a partner in the Deseret UAS programs and offers an Urban setting for UAS flight testing.

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Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS)

NIAS is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) designated UAS Test Site located in sister state, Nevada. Through a partnership with NIAS, Deseret UAS is developing capabilities under FAA and NASA programs and joint programs between Utah and Nevada promoting UAS services in both states.

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